Birth Date: 03/23/1982
College: Alaska-Anchorage
Hometown: Palmer, AK
Current Town: Delray Beach, FL
Height: 5′ 6




I’m from Palmer, Alaska; it’s a small town near where Sarah Palin lives. I love the outdoors. Sometimes I would lay outside and watch the northern lights dance across the sky at night and would often see bears and moose in my yard. We had so much fresh salmon on hand growing up from fishing, I didn’t buy my first piece of salmon until I was 25.

In college, I played indoor volleyball and ran track. My events were the 400m, long jump and relays. I wasn’t that good at volleyball in college. It wasn’t until I moved to Delray Beach where I live now and began training with Robert Henckel for beach volleyball in 2013 that my game really started to improve.

When I’m not playing sports, I’m working as a financial copywriter for Agora Financial, one of the largest publishing companies of it’s kind. I write books, reports and promotional sales pieces in other peoples names. My friends call me “Geeky” because I’m always reading and love talking about finance.

3 Things to know about me:

I have a weird condition called Celiacs disease which means I can’t eat anything with gluten. I’m so sensitive, I can’t even kiss someone who’s drink a beer! I really miss going to a donut shop and ordering crap food with all my friends.

I have freak strength for a woman. I set national records in the deadlift and squat as a 19 year old and have won every powerlifting competition I ever entered. I got into weightlifting as a sixteen year old recovering from knee surgery and started personal training at the age of 18.

I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters and I love them all. Meals at my house were always competitive. Whoever could grab the food the fastest got it. We called it combat eating. Our family reunions are really fun too. The last one we had we all dressed up as super heroes.

If I could be on one TV show it would be American Ninja Warrior

I’m sponsored by Volleyball Warehouse.