Player Profile Instructions

Your player profile is very important.  It allows all the NVL fans (especially the Juniors) a chance to learn more about you.  Take your time and fill it out carefully.  Contact us if you are struggling.  Be sure to read the section on the Profile Picture carefully.

Profile Picture

The profile picture is very important.  The optimal size is 980px wide and 735px tall with a 72dpi resolution.  We realize that you are a volleyball player and not a graphic artist.  So if you cannot edit a photo to those dimensions, send us a photo with a 4×3 (length x width) aspect ratio.  Please do not submit an image with a watermark or text on it.  We cannot use it and you will need to send another.

Most Important: On the individual player profile page (see an example here).  The left one-third of your photo is masked with a solid color so that the text is visible.  The full photo will appear on the player landing page (see it here).

This is an example of how a picture is used in your bio

Sample profile picture Sample Profile picture displayed on site
bio_before bio_after

Changing an Existing Profile

There is no way for you to change your profile once the NVL has posted it.  However, feel free to contact us with your desired changes.