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Below are the guidelines for all players/teams during any NVL Pro Event (qualifier and main draw). All players/teams are required to adhere to these guidelines to be eligible to participate and compete in any NVL Professional Event. We encourage all athletes to have sponsors but all sponsor apparel must meet specific guidelines.

Player Entry Qualification

Seed average may be different than your entry seed but only changes after the qualifier; the qualifier is seeded straight from total points.

  • 2017 player ranking will be based on the top four finishes of the last seven Pro events (Not including 2015 players championships)
  • NVL entry qualification the 2017 events will be calculated using each player’s individual points from their top four NVL Pro finishes (based on points) in the last six NVL Pro events  If a player does not have four NVL finishes, the qualification is determined as follows:
  • If the player competed in three NVL Pro events, player’s fourth finish will be 100% of their highest 2017 NVL RIZE Open finish or 25% of their USAV points (highest point total between the two will be applied).
  • If a player competed in two NVL Pro events, a player can use their third and fourth 2017 NVL RIZE finishes. If only one 2017 NVL RIZE event is applicable, then player can also apply 25% of their USAV points.
  • If a player competed in one NVL Pro event, a player can use up to three of their highest finishes from 2016 NVL RIZE Open events (applied as second, third, and fourth finish). If only one or two 2016 NVL RIZE events are applicable, then player can apply 25% of their USAV points.
  • If a player did not compete in any NVL Pro event, player will receive 100% total points from their four highest finishes from 2016 NVL RIZE Open events. If only one, two, or three NVL RIZE events are applicable, then player can use NVL finish(es) and 25% of their USAV points. If the player does not have any NVL Pro or 2017 NVL RIZE finishes then they can use 50% of their USAV points.

* Player’s Highest points gained either in NVL RIZE or NVL Pro Tournament Finish will be used. ( A higher RIZE point finish will be taken over the lower NVL Pro Tour finish.)

Player Seed Average

Player seed average is determined by a both player’s best four of their last seven NVL Pro events and/or 2017 NVL RIZE events that a player competed in (only 2016 RIZE events count). For example, if a player and a player’s partner finished third, third, fifth, ninth, that team would have a 5.0 seed average.

*Seed average only applies after qualifier is completed (Qualifier seeds are determined by teams total points).

If you do not have four finishes to use for your seed average you will be automatically given a 21st finish. For example if you only had two 13th place finishes then your remaining 2 finishes would be a 21st and 21st giving you a 17.0 seed average for that main draw event (if you qualified).

2015/2016 events drop off not based on 365 days but as described below..

2017 Event                          Dropped 2015/2016 Event

Long Beach                              Seattle
Hermosa Beach                      PSL
Virginia Beach                         San Antonio
PSL                                            Columbus

2017 RIZE events points

*A player does not have to use the RIZE finish if it doesn’t help your entry points into non-Players Championship events or for a player’s seed average

  • If you finish first or second place in a 2017 RIZE event you will earn points and a seed average equivalent to a 17th finish.
  • 3rd place is a 21st place finish
  • 5th place is a 25th place finish
  • 7th place is a 33rd place finish

2017 International Eligibility


If you do not currently hold either U.S. Passport holders or green and would like to play with the NVL, please submit your request to Melissa@thenvl.com

  • Teams must wear IDENTICAL uniforms on the court (Board shorts, shirts, swimsuits, bikinis, etc.).
  • Players must bring matching identical uniforms for approval upon check in at player meeting the night before qualifier and main draw competition begins.
  • If teams do not have identical uniforms that meet the guidelines then players will have to purchase NVL apparel at a special discounted price before first match. The NVL merchandise tent will be open onsite and available to players the day before the qualifier.
  • If there are any questions or concerns, please speak with tournament director prior to your first match. (ie: If you are planning on wearing a shirt during competition, your partner must wear the same.)
  • If you are wearing pants, spandex, leggings, compression pants etc., the color needs to match.
  • Logo on hats/visors may not occupy the entire front of cap or bill of cap.
  • Front of Shirts & Tanks – Front of shirt may have no more than 1 logo, no larger than 10” wide and 6” tall.
  • Back of Shirts & Tanks – may contain up to 6 logos distributed evenly with no one logo larger than 5” wide & 6” tall.
  • If you are wearing a sponsor’s shirt, then you should wear an NVL Hat and vice versa. If you are wearing a sponsor’s hat, then you should wear an NVL shirt.
  • The NVL has put a lot of time and effort to create a platform for you and your sponsors to utilize. If your sponsor requires or desires something outside of these guidelines, please speak with our marketing department for other opportunities.
  • Each player/team are required to wear at least 1 Official NVL tattoo on each arm (upper shoulder).
  • Receive Tattoos during each Player’s Meeting. Must wear before 1st match (before applying sunblock).
  • One arm will display ONLY The NVL Tattoo.
  • Other arm will display NVL tattoo above any other sponsor tattoo (no more than 2 non NVL tattoos).
  • Other sponsor tattoo may NOT be larger than The NVL Tattoo in length or width (1.5”W x 4: Long).
  • Please check with tournament director (TD) for approval for other locations on body for sponsor tattoos where applicable.




  • Any player participating in an NVL event is responsible for their behavior both on and off the court.  This ALSO includes, but is not limited to, business establishments (hotels, restaurants, etc.) where the NVL has arranged for accommodations or special functions (player meetings. parties, etc.)
  • The code of conduct also includes behavior at the home facility at Club Med Sandpiper Bay, FL at ANY time (24/7 – 365) regardless of whether an NVL event is being held at the facility.  This is a zero-tolerance location.
  • The NVL reserves the right to suspend or ban any player.


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  • Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated at any NVL event.
  • If a red card is issued due to foul language or inappropriate behavior, the player/team will lose a point and you will be fined $100 for the 1st offense. The player will be fined an additional $200 for 2nd offense at same event or any following event in the same year, and will be suspended from the following tournament. (cumulative for entire season). A 3rd and subsequent violation will result in immediate disqualification from tournament and suspension for remainder of the season. (cumulative for the entire season).
  • These fines apply both on and off the court, while on event property or representing the NVL at a function.
  • Keep the player’s area clean! We have trash cans available, please use them. The Player’s Tent/Area/Medical is exclusive to all Main Draw players only.
  • If you are not competing at the beginning of each day, you will be able to be in the Player’s Tent/Medical but with restrictions.
  • No lunch will be provided to non competing players on that specific day.
  • Medical is available, but currently competing players have first priority.
  • All coaches are required to register online prior to the qualifier meeting and can only coach player or team specified.  
  • Coaches fee is $100 per team per event.
  • Coaches are allowed in the Player’s box and players area only if team is currently competing on that court on that specific day.
  • All coaches are required to register online prior to the qualifier meeting and can only coach player or team specified.
  • Coaches fee is $100 per team per event.
  • Coaches are allowed in the Player’s box and players area only if team is currently competing on that court on that specific day.
  • Coach must switch sides with their team.
  • Coaches cannot call time outs and can only talk to players at time outs and in between games.

During the course of a Main Draw event. Each player will be allowed one five minute medical timeout per tournament. During this medical timeout the player must be treated by medical staff.

Medical has the right to forfeit play if they decide that it is a health risk for the player to continue play.

The up ref may appoint one five minute medical timeout per team at any point of the match due to unsafe conditions.