Did You Know? 11 Interesting Beach Volleyball Facts

By March 28, 2017Between The Lines

Beach Volleyball Facts
Did you know that volleyball is considered to be the second most popular sport in the world? It’s true! Beach volleyball is a favorite among many and is played across the globe. As beach volleyball enthusiasts, we are sure you are not surprised to hear this fact. In fact, you probably think that volleyball should hold the number one spot. Beach volleyball is a fast and invigorating sport that requires speed, power, agility and excellent hand-eye coordination. So the only way you don’t like this sport is if you don’t have a pulse.

We know you love volleyball, but do you have all the facts? Check out our list of interesting beach volleyball facts to educate yourself on what you don’t yet know!

1. Before volleyball was known as volleyball, it was known as mintonette.

2. In 1900, the first ball specifically designed for volleyball was created.

3. Beach volleyball clubs began appearing in Santa Monica during the 1920s.

4. Santa Monica in California is often credited as the birthplace of modern beach volleyball.

5. Ever wonder who developed the concept of two-man beach volleyball? It was Paul “Pablo” Johnson, and the first two-man beach volleyball game was played in 1930.

6. Beach volleyball began to appear in Europe during the 1930’s.

7. During a match, volleyball players on average jump about 300 times. No wonder volleyball players are so fit!

8. The first professional beach volleyball tournament (Olympia World Championship of Beach Volleyball) took place at Will Rogers State Beach in 1976.

9. Beach volleyball is the only Olympic sport that has a rule prohibiting players from wearing too much!

10. In 1992, beach volleyball was introduced at the Summer Olympics. In 1996, beach volleyball finally became an official Olympic sport for both women and men.

11. Due to the soft nature of the sand, serious injuries are rare in beach volleyball. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and play!