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Healthy Athlete Cleanse

Post-Holiday Cleansing for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Between The Lines, Training & Health | November 25, 2016

We love the holidays as much as anyone, but sometimes the post-holiday food coma leaves us feeling sluggish and run down. All the rich foods that your family made and…

NVL Player Diving

How to Stay on Your A-Game During Off-Season and Avoid Injury

Between The Lines | November 20, 2016

It’s been two months since The NVL hosted its final leg of the 2016 pro tour in Port St. Lucie. With the holidays here and fall in full swing, it’s…

Mantras For Athletes

Motivational Mantras For The Athlete In Everyone

Between The Lines, Training & Health | November 15, 2016

Are you ever finding yourself in need of a pick me up? Sometimes, rainy days can get you down and make it super hard to focus on your goals. You…

female volleyball player celebrating a championship win

Meditation For Athletes: How It’s Done and Why You Should Try It

Between The Lines | November 10, 2016

You’ve been training hard, even during the off-season, and your body is in great shape for diving, spiking and tearing it up on the court. But, what about the mental…