Blonde, Six-Feet Tall & Wearing High Heels

by Joe Pietaro

Sunday, 3 August 2014

1 – How difficult is it to juggle both of your jobs – as the CFO and co-founder of the NVL and as a player?

It is difficult but I like to be busy. I love aspects of each role so I’m very fortunate to be able to do both. I also rely on my partner AL-B Hannemann – who I co-founded the National Volleyball League with – to take on a lot of the day-to-day work when I’m training or playing. It’s great to know he can take the lead on everything while I’m out on the court.

2 – Being from Wisconsin and now residing in California, how cool is it that you traded snowflakes for beach sand?

There are definitely better looking six-packs out here! I’m lucky to live right on the beach and have a net right out in front of my house. It’s awesome to wake up and step out on the sand.

3 – At the college level, you excelled at both volleyball and basketball. Were there any feelers to play either in the WNBA or overseas?

I didn’t really consider playing basketball long-term. I completely fell in love with volleyball and I felt more comfortable in the sport. I’m also close with my family so it’s nice that volleyball offered the opportunity to stay in the U.S. and play, and I can see them frequently.

4 – This is coming from a guy who appreciates a beautiful fit woman, so it is fully complimentary in nature. Watching women’s beach volleyball is amazing, but it is difficult to concentrate on the actual game. Do you find that annoying or flattering?

Flattering! I love that fit women are being celebrated. It’s empowering for young women to be able to feel sexy and strong. It’s definitely a visually appealing sport on both the men’s and women’s side.

5 – Being a stunningly gorgeous blonde six-footer, do you have plans on modeling either now or in the future?

Thank you but I don’t have time right now and honestly, would probably be very bored! I get do a few shoots here and there for volleyball magazines so it fulfills that part for me.

6 – With your brother Paul being a NASCAR driver, is there any sibling rivalry with both of you being pro athletes?

No, it’s an inspiration to me in terms of how hard he’s worked. Paul and I are very supportive and love to cheer for one another.

We do get competitive in random things like a touch football game that turns into a full force tackle game by the end! All in good fun though.

7 – Have you ever dated a guy that was shorter than you? And if so, was it awkward?

If it’s not a huge difference, it’s not a big deal but I do like to wear heels so that makes me even taller!

8 – Which role do you enjoy more – the athlete or corporate executive?

I like to stay busy so it’s awesome to be able to do both. There are times I’m literally stretching on a yoga mat while on my computer or foam rolling during a conference call. I truly feel like I have two full time jobs but I like to think I balance both pretty well.

9 – Besides the amount of players on the court, what are the biggest differences between playing inside and the beach?

There are so many more external factors – wind, sand and sun. It’s much harder to jump in the sand but I like that it’s challenging. You also have to be your own coach out on the sand.

10 – Which do you prefer? And why?

I played indoors in college; tough to play outside during Wisconsin winters! But once I had the chance to compete on the sand, I took it. You can’t beat the beach atmosphere as your “office.”

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