The Health Benefits of Beach Volleyball

By March 14, 2016Between The Lines

Having a healthy and balanced diet is one thing, but by adding a moderate amount of exercise into your life, you can significantly improve your health and the quality of your life. While many are more concerned with having fun than staying fit, beach volleyball is the best of both worlds. It is an excellent and fun way to stay physically fit and healthy, so it does not come as a shock to find out that playing beach volleyball is not just fun, but is also excellent for your health and well-being. By just playing 45 minutes of beach volleyball you can burn up to 585 calories! This can help significantly with weight loss for those who are looking to do so over an extended period of time.

Jennifer Snyder

While you may not need any more reasons to play, read on to find out some of the health and wellness benefits that one can achieve by playing beach volleyball regularly.

• Improves overall performance in workouts and in other sports
• Helps enhance the health of your joint and bones
• Increases energy level
• Improves flexibility of the feet and hands
• It’s healthy for your body and heart
• Fun and effective way to burn fat and calories
• Reduces your risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease
• Helps agility and sprint speed
• Improves coordination and balance
• Helps build muscular strength in the upper body, arms, shoulders, thighs, and lower legs
• Will tone and shape your body
• Can help increase your metabolic rate
• Develops and strengthens fast reflexes
• Improves your interpersonal and networking skills
• Helps improve hand-eye coordination
• Increases your aerobic ability
• Improves mood, mental health, reduces stress, and helps self-esteem
• Boosts mental concentration skills
• Great way to stay involved socially
• Helps improve circulation
• Strengthens and tones the respiratory and cardiovascular system- a great cardiovascular exercise!
• Improves overall health and well-being