Exercises to Help You Become a Better Beach Volleyball Player

By April 2, 2016Between The Lines

Summer is soon upon us, and for many that means more opportunities to play beach volleyball. A dynamic sport, beach volleyball requires strength, speed, balance and agility in order to play. While anybody can play the sport, the game is enhanced when the person playing is in proper shape. Even though just playing the game can help give you an amazing full-body workout; all while emphasizing on your shoulders, core, and legs; but being in good shape ahead of time will help you get more out the sport that you love and will help push your own development even further.

Skyler McCoy

If you are looking to take your game to the next level and become a better beach volleyball player, check out these simple beach volleyball exercises that you can do at home in order to help improve your body and your game.


This exercise will help strengthen your core, which is the mid-section of the body. By doing this you can improve your blocking, passing and attacking skills.

1. You want to start off in almost a push-up position, but instead of holding yourself up with your hands, you want your elbows at a 90-degree angle with your forearms facing forward on the floor.
2. Keep your legs locked and keep your feet about shoulder width apart. You want your whole body to be positioned in a straight line.
3. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, or for as long as you can hold it. Be sure to avoid rising or dipping your waist.
4. To make this exercise more challenging, increase the time or use only one foot to support yourself instead of two.


An excellent full body workout, burpees will help strengthen your arms, chest, core and your legs. Once you get this exercise down, it should be done in one continuous motion. It is important that you do not stop and start during this exercise.

1. Start off in a standing, athletic position and then drop down into a push-up position.
2. Complete one proper push-up and then immediately jump back into the standing, athletic position.
3. Once you are in this position, jump up with your hands raised in a beach volleyball blocking motion.

Broad Jumps

Having an explosive jump will help improve many aspects of your game, especially your jump serve, hitting and blocking abilities.

1. Set a marker for about 15 yards and begin by positioning yourself. You want your feet shoulder width, with your knees slightly bent and your arms at your sides.
2. Your feet need to be kept parallel and even with one another.
3. Squat down and swing both arms back at once, all while jumping forward towards the marker.
4. When you land, be sure that both feet land at the same time and is still in the shoulder width position.
5. Once you are fully landed, repeat the same broad jump motion.

Ski Jumps

Ski jumps are an excellent exercise for agility, which is a key component when playing beach volleyball.

1. Create or find a line that is fifteen yards long.
2. Start off on the balls of your feet, with both feet placed together.
3. Move forward down the line by jumping side to side over the line. Be sure your feet remain together.
4. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, perform this exercise going backwards or jump on only one foot.

Lateral Shoulder Lift to Press

This exercise will help strengthen your shoulders and can help prevent injuries. For maximum results, make sure you do not rush through this exercise. Instead, keep your movements slow and consistent.

1. Start off in an athletic stance.
2. Use dumbbells or soup cans to add some weight and resistance to this exercise.
3. Bend your arms slightly, and in unison, lift up your arms until your elbows are even with your shoulders.
4. Move your arms from a vertical position into a lateral position. You want your fists to be facing the ceiling, and be sure to keep your elbows even with your shoulders.
5. Push the weights out into the air until your elbows are locked.
6. Slowly reverse the motion until your arms are back to where they started.

Medicine Ball Twists

This exercise will target your oblique as well as engage your chest, shoulders, and hip flexors.

1. Sit down with your knees bent in front of you, with your heels placed on the floor.
2. With your elbow bent, hold a medicine ball (you determine the weight) in your hands in front of your chest.
3. Make a 45-degree angle with the floor by tipping your torso slightly backwards.
4. Twist your waist and torso to the right, until you are touching the floor with the medicine ball. Be sure to keep your hips steady.
5. Return to center, and perform the same action on the opposite side of your body. This is considered to be one repetition.