Improve Your Game: At Home Beach Volleyball Drills

By February 2, 2017Between The Lines

At Home Volleyball Drills
If you want to become better than your competition, then you need to train. Players that want to improve are already out there, working on their mind and body, so go catch up. You may think you need to be on the court to train, but that’s not true. You can successfully practice your volleyball skills in your home and backyard. No commute, court, or net necessary. However, since you won’t have a coach there to help guide and correct you, make sure you concentrate on your technique while doing these at-home drills.

If you want to become a better beach volleyball player, give these at home volleyball drills a try and watch your game improve.

1. Practice serving against a wall – Designate your net height and mark it on the wall with masking tape. Stand about 30 feet back from the wall, and serve away. Remember, you need to make sure you are aiming to have the ball hit just above your mark. Use this method to work on both your jump and underhand serve.

2. Practice setting – This is an easy one to do anytime you are bored. Best of all, you can do this drill at home while watching TV. To perform this drill, lie down on your back on the floor and set the ball straight up to yourself. Keep setting the ball for as long as possible.

3. Practice hitting against the wall – To practice hitting the ball, stand back about 10 feet from a wall. Toss the ball up and practice hitting it against the wall. Make sure you are snapping your wrists! Practice hitting and catching the ball for as long as possible.

4. Practice passing to yourself – Get into passing position and pass the ball straight up to yourself. Try your best to keep the ball from touching the ground. Practice passing to yourself with your feet stationary and with your feet moving back and forth, and side to side. Count the number of passes you can complete, and then challenge yourself to break your record.

5. Practice setting against the wall – Stand back 10 to 15 feet from a wall. Toss your volleyball up in air, just a little bit in front of you and higher than your head. Set the volleyball against the wall. Set the ball when it bounces back to you, or catch it and repeat the drill. Make sure your sets are high and are traveling in an arc pattern.