Embrace The Breeze

There's never "Too much wind"

There’s never “Too much wind”

Beach Volleyball can be one of the most frustrating yet rewarding games to play. There are a variety of factors – sun, sand and the wind, just to name a few. We can combat two of the 3 pretty easily. Once you learn how to move in the sand and play in sunglasses and a hat, we are left with the wind. Mother nature loves to challenge us on a daily basis. So, how do the top players make it look so easy? Here are a few tips that can help you get your game on in windy conditions.

Keep It Low
Just like on the dance floor. Stay low and keep moving with the ball. Making those last second adjustments with your feet will help improve your ball control. Bring your passes and sets down. This will keep the game smaller and allow the hitter to get their feet to the ball and make a better shot. The more windy it gets, the lower our game should get.

Feel The Wind
Mother nature can be a cruel mistress and changes her mind frequently. Keep checking on the wind direction as the games go on. If it’s gusty, feel the wind as you’re going to pass or set and adjust accordingly. If the wind is in your face, you’ll have to push with your legs a little more. If it’s behind you, you’ll want to take a little somethin’-somethin’ off of it and let the wind push it forward.

Practice Makes Perfect
It may take you a while to become friends with the wind. Don’t call off practice because it’s “too windy”. Some of the most important games you will ever play, like the semis and finals of a tournament, will be in the afternoon wind. Even if you just go out with a friend, you can work on your serve receive and setting. Ball control is king (or queen) on the beach. If you embrace the wind, you will be rewarded handsomely.