Listen to NVL’s Theme Song ‘Champion’

By November 2, 2014Event Headlines


(Click here to listen and sing along!)

Everyone’s got a shot at greatness, no contracts holding back

Built by the players for all players, keep the game we love intact

This is the soul of beach, the life that we believeKELLEYJAMES-ALBUMART-2013-8454

So go and grab a seat to watch the magic of your team


You know it when the red, white and blue comes to town

Good vibes raining down, listen to the crowd

The game we play is the game we grow and know

And we’ll achieve what we want to be

Number one to me is every dream


The time has come  BJ6J3597-2

I’m a champion

Winning any way I can

Better believe it all

I’m that and more

Victory is the only plan


Oh yeah, I’m a champion

Oh yeah, I’m gonna leave it all in the sand


Rockets rain from the sky, I dig down deep in my heart641A6642

Do or don’t there is no try, be the role don’t play the part

Many days I’ve strayed away from the place where greatness is made

Thought I’d find it, in time, but got lost and realized it’s in my mind

And sometimes I need a second to step back

Under the lights, all of the eyes, a deep breath

Focus my energy to the task at hand

Come with me and experience the sand