What To Expect When You’re Dating a Professional Volleyball Player

By December 10, 2014Between The Lines

dating a volleyball playerSo, you’re dating a professional volleyball player…sweet. Now what? There is WAY more to dating a professional athlete than you might imagine. Here are some rules you need to understand from the jump. If you are an athlete make sure you spread this so potential lookers know in advance.

You are now a personal massage therapist.

Like it or not, if you aren’t willing to loosen up those knots, this can be a deal breaker for many athletes…so dive in. It’s a great way to show your support for the sport and to get involved. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage acts to improve performance, reduce pain, prevent injury, encourage focus and shorten recovery time.

You are their #1 fan! But don’t overdo it…

Your athlete counterpart should know you support their passion and what they do, but they should not feel like that is all you care about. If it seems like athletic accomplishments are the only thing that ever matters in conversation, then you may be overdoing it. Remember, your significant other loves you for who you are, independently. Stay true to yourself.

Time is scarce.

This one is a lot easier to hear than to actually process. By the time you take out practice, weights, treatments, traveling, competitions and sleep…it doesn’t leave much down-time. Chances are, when it comes time to hangout, a professional may just really want to HANGOUT, and do nothing. Do your best to respect this and to understand and adapt to the lifestyle. It’s critical that independence is something you value. Don’t spend your time “waiting.”

You’ll have a workout partner for life.

Like working out? Well, now you better love it. When you date an athlete, “excuses” don’t exist. This may sound frightening but health is a great core value to have in any strong relationship. It’s nice having someone push you, but don’t allow it to upset you. Competitiveness is good but if taken too far, can really be detrimental to your mental health. Keep everything in good perspective.

A volleyball player won’t give up when times get tough.

Dating an athlete will present you with astonishment at times. You’ll wonder how they continue to play with a sprained ankle or a broken toe, while you are acing your paper cut on the sidelines. No matter what the injury, they’ll be out on the court giving it their all the next day. This applies to a relationship too. An inherent trait of an athlete is to work through the tough times and to come back strong.