Random Things Every Volleyball Player Should Know…

By September 27, 2016Between The Lines

High five volleyball

  1. A six pack in volleyball isn’t the same thing as a six pack at a frat party.
  2. A pancake is not a delicious fluffy cake that you can order at i-hop with cherries for eyes and whip cream for a mouth.
  3. Know how to spell “Fonoimoana”.
  4. When coach says good job, it isn’t an invitation to slack off… it’s an invitation to work harder.
  5. Victory starts with your attitude.
  6. A solid zinc oxide sunscreen now will save you in 20 years.
  7. Pokeys make for cool photos.
  8. Six packs don’t make for cool photos… but they do make for funny memes.
  9. Know that there is always a player that is better than you.
  10. Know that there is always a player that is worse than you.
  11. KNOW when it is time to wash your knee pads… for everyone’s sake.
  12. Don’t overtrain.
  13. Don’t under-train.
  14. Know when to call it quits. Nothing is worse than injury.
  15. During disagreements with the ref, avoid words such as “pathetic” “worthless” “moron”… you get the point.
  16. Shagging is not a reference to Austin Powers.
  17. Keep your cellphone on silent during practice.
  18. Know the history of how volleyball came to be.
  19. Open your eyes.
  20. Remember to blink.
  21. Support your partner, NO MATTER WHAT.
  22. Be a good sport. There is already too much hostility in this world. Be kind.
  23. Don’t dwell in the past.
  24. If you shank a ball, your teammates will hate you… but only for like three seconds.
  25. Spandex is the best and the worst thing ever.
  26. Know your poker face.
  27. Know your pump up song.
  28. Know your pump up dance.
  29. Know your victory song.
  30. Know your victory dance.
  31. Picking your wedgie is totally fair game.
  32. No one but your teammates will see you during season.
  33. College boyfriends don’t matter. Focus on school and volleyball.
  34. College girlfriends definitely matter. Focus on girls, school and volleyball.
  35. Your teammates are your family.
  36. You’ll probably dislike at least one coach. But chances are you’ll thank them later.
  37. Peppering is fun… all the time.
  38. Peppering is fun… but maybe wait until after class.
  39. Smiling looks good on you.
  40. Know what mintonette is. Mintonette gave you a purpose.