Don’t Have a Valentine this Year? Date a Volleyball Player!

By February 9, 2017Between The Lines

Date a Volleyball Player
It’s true that volleyball players make the best partners. No, it’s not because of the shallow and cliché stereotypes. There is a lot more beneath the surface. So much so, how could you NOT want to date a volleyball player? Believe us when we tell you that there are a lot of advantages to dating someone who loves and plays the game.

It’s February, so that means love is in the air. If you aren’t already partnered up this Valentine’s Day, check out the reasons why it’s wise to date a volleyball player.

1. Volleyball players have heart and lots of it. This means they have enough room in there for volleyball and you!

2. They take one for the team, and they will do the same for you. A volleyball player will always have your back.

3. A volleyball player never gives up when times get tough, on the court or in life. If you want a partner that will stick it out and work with you, you can find this trait in a volleyball player.

4. You never have to worry about having an unfit partner. Volleyball takes power and stamina, so volleyball players take care of their body. They have to look good in their uniform after all!

5. Volleyball players are quick learners. There are a lot of skills involved with playing volleyball (more than you think), which is much harder than learning what their partner likes. That’s easy in comparison.

6. A volleyball player knows what they want, and they know how to work for it and make it happen. They are driven and focused.

7. By dating a volleyball player, you can have a workout partner for life. This is a win for any situation. If you are already athletic, you now have some healthy competition. If you are not, they can serve as the motivation you need to get your butt in shape.

8. Volleyball isn’t just a sport that works your body. It also works your mind. This means a volleyball player is in good shape mentally and physically.
9. Volleyball is a fun and social game, so your chance of finding someone who is a social and loves to have a good time is extremely likely!

10. If you are into sports, then dating a volleyball player would be a great match. There is a good chance they will have a heightened interest in other sports as well. Plus they always enjoy the challenge of learning a new sport. They are well-rounded after all!