National Volleyball League Debuts in Ocean City

By June 1, 2015Press

By Robert J. Banach

What is Volleyball

Back in 1895 a gentleman by the name of William G. Morgan, a physical education director at the YMCA, was looking for a game for the older members of the ‘Y’. Taking some aspects from each of basketball, handball and tennis, he designed this to be an indoor sport, to be played by any number of players, that was less rough than the other sports, thus the creation of Volleyball.

NVL’s Ocean City Debut

The National Volleyball League (NVL) made their Ocean City Maryland debut this last weekend, May 29th – 31st, 2015, and for beach volleyball fans it was a chance to meet and watch some of the best of the best.

NVL Beach Volleyball Men's Championship Game

The skies were blue, the temperatures in the high 70’s with little wind, and the fans were a roar as the players set, spiked and dove on the soft sands of Ocean City…

A Championship Serve at the NVL Ocean City Beach Volleyball Tournament Going For The Block at the NVL Ocean City Beach Volleyball Tournament

What Is Beach Volleyball

In 1920, in Santa Monica California, jetties of sand that were a vacation spot for many, volleyball nets began to appear as a pastime to those that had known the indoor game.  By 1922 many local beach clubs began putting up nets as the game was growing in popularity, in 1924 the first tournaments began.

Paul “Pablo” Johnson, an indoor player of Santa Monica Athletic Club, was waiting for other players to arrive for their scheduled game, and tired of waiting, started playing with the couple other players that had shown up on time.  The game of Beach Volleyball, thanks to “Pablo”, changed forever, and became an Olympic Event in 1996.

NVL’s Ocean City Debut

From NVL’s About page… “Established in 2010, the NVL is a professional beach volleyball league built by players for all players, united in one mission: to create a sustainable future for pro beach volleyball in the U.S.”

This year the NVL has 8 tournaments around the United States, 3rd event of the 2015 season and the 1st time in Ocean City Maryland.

Says founder and CEO, Albert AL-B Hannemann, “Beach volleyball isn’t what we are, it’s who we are. We play it, we breathe it, we live it. It’s in our soul. We’re driven by a pure passion to grow the game and share our love of the sport and the beach culture with fans across the country.”

Learn more about the National Volleyball League on their Website, on Facebook and follow the hashtag #NVLOceanCity on Twitter and on Instagram.

These guys don’t have legs, they have springs, they don’t have just arms, they have wings…

Service With Style | NVL Ocean City Beach Volleyball Tournament 2015 Overhand Smash Flies By | NVL Ocean City Beach Volleyball Tournament 2015 Going Deep on the Serve | NVL Ocean City Beach Volleyball Tournament 2015

Thanks for Supporting NVL Ocean City

Many thanks to all the fans that supported NVL Ocean City…

Fans Filling Up The Bleachers at NVL Ocean City 2015 Fans in the VIP Tent at NVL Ocean City 2015

And, to those that helped the games go smoothly…

Court Aide at NVL Ocean City 2015 Court Aide at NVL Ocean City 2015

And, to all those behind the scenes…

Running the Webcast of NVL Ocean City 2015 Getting Center Court Ready at NVL Ocean City 2015

NVL Ocean City Men’s Champions

Congratulations to the NVL Ocean City 2015 Men’s Championship Team of Haddock/Rodriguez-Bertran

 Team Haddock/Rodriguez-Bertran, Men's Champions of NVL Ocean City 2015 Champaigne Celebration with Men's Champions - Team Haddock/Rodriguez-Bertran

NVL Ocean City 2015 Champions

Visit the National Volleyball League website for a list of all the winning teams… Click Here!

Finally, a thank you to all the sponsors that helped bring NVL Ocean City 2015 to town…

Mikasa | Menards | Australian Gold | Gatorade | Bud Light Beach | Polaroid Fotobar | Club Med Academies | PlayFit Foundation | Go Beachfest | Volleyball Vacations | The One Group

And, to the Town of Ocean City for all your work and support!