Beach Volleyball Easter Basket Ideas

By March 17, 2016Between The Lines

To the beach volleyball player, the game is not just a sport, it’s a passion. With Easter a hop, skip, and a jump away you might be searching for that perfect Easter gift that’s different from the norm. There’s no better way to get a volleyball player surprised and delighted on Easter morning by giving them something volleyball inspired.

Volleyball Themed Easter Basket
For the beach volleyball player in your life, make them excited for Easter by giving them a volleyball themed Easter basket. Read on to get some ideas on how you can make an Easter basket that is volleyball inspired.

1. Turn a volleyball into an Easter basket
2. Take your average Easter basket and add some volleyball flair to the outside
3. Volleyball themed water bottle
4. Volleyball themed towel
5. Volleyball t-shirt
6. Volleyball pillow
7. Volleyball hat or bandana
8. Volleyball jewelry
9. Volleyball inspired mug
10. Volleyball stickers/car decals
11. Personalized beach volleyball room sign
12. Sunscreen
13. Chapstick
14. Personal care items (deodorant, body spray, lotion, etc.)
15. Sunglasses
16. First aid kit
17. Volleyball themed stationary
18. Volleyball picture frame
19. Volleyball ornament
20. Volleyball lounge pants
21. Volleyball wall art or print
22. Volleyball room sign
23. Volleyball protective phone case
24. Volleyball headband
25. Volleyball socks
26. Volleyball flip flops
27. Volleyball sweatshirt
28. Ball pump
29. New sports bag
30. Volleyball puzzles
31. Volleyball bag tag
32. Training devices
33. Tickets for a game
34. Hair ties or ribbons
35. Gift certificate for new gear or food
36. Personalized sports magazine cover
37. Magazine subscription
38. A new volleyball
39. Sports bars
40. Protein powder
41. Athletic supplements
42. Custom order some delicious volleyball themed chocolates
43. Write and attach volleyball motivational quotes onto any candy you place into the basket
44. Add some protein by turning a standard hard-boiled egg into a volleyball. Do this by using a sharpie marker to draw on the volleyball lines. Get creative and add color by using colored sharpies or highlights in order to create color combinations on the ball, or dye the egg first in order to get some color!