Reach Your Athletic Potential With Yoga [Lululemon Videos Included!]

By October 9, 2015Between The Lines

Volleyball is a game of speed and agility combined with repetitive motions, and while this is why many love the game, it is very hard on your joints and muscles. Any kind of repetitive motion will put a lot of strain on muscles, which can make them sore and can cause them to tear. In addition, repetition can cause imbalances in the body, aches and pains, and can result in injuries. In order to help counter-balance this from happening, it is important to do some sort of practice that can help you bring balance and harmony back to your body.

Many athletes have been turning to yoga to help them reach their full potential as volleyball players. With consistent practice, yoga can and will help any volleyball player excel, and it doesn’t matter what your ability level is. Yoga is energizing, and helps you strengthen the connection between your mind, body and breath. This can help you out not only on the court, but in life as well. Interested? Here are just some of the benefits that you can reap from adding yoga into your daily routine:

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Improved Strength, Flexibility and Balance

Yoga will not only help improve your range of motion, but will help you become more limber and flexible as well. This increase in flexibility and range of motion will help prevent future injuries from occurring, and will help keep your body healthy and injury-free. In addition, yoga will also help improve your balance, coordination, build muscle, and can help bring your muscles back into balance by making those under-used muscles stronger and your over-used muscles more flexible.

Help’s Balance the Mind

An athlete’s mental state can be the make or break factor in regards to if they are successful or not. Anxiety can be crippling and can hold you back as an athlete, but yoga can help balance and quiet your mind, as well as bring relief to any stress or anxiety faced in life or in the game. This can help you stay “in the zone” and in the moment, allowing you to play at your best, even during those high-pressure game situations.

Will Teach You How to Breathe

Yes, we know that if you are reading this you clearly have a pulse and can breathe; however, yoga will help you learn proper breath control as the practice directs your attention to the breath. Concentrating on the breath helps you stay focused and can help prevent your mind from scattering. In addition, yoga helps increase lung power and improves oxygen intake, which will help you and your muscles feel more energized!

It Can Be Life Changing

Never underestimate how small changes in your daily routine can create changes for the better in your life. By bringing a balance to the mind and body, many feel that practicing yoga helps bring a “flow” into their daily lives. Plus, you never know who you may meet and befriend in class!

All in all, it doesn’t matter what sport you play, all athletes can benefit from practicing yoga. Check out the instructional video below for a 15 minute instructional flowing yoga workout that you can do solo at home, with your teammates, or with your athletic friends!

Yoga For Strength – By Lululemon

Yoga For Recovery – By Lululemon